The latest version of Prism Platform (2.2) introduces automatic imports for vulnerability scanning results, greater customization options, and more.

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Automatic Importing for Vulnerability Scanning Results

Prism is now able to automatically import scanning results from the full suite of Tenable scanners. Once enabled, Prism automatically checks for and imports completed scans into the platform, saving users the legwork of accessing their scanning tools to view and export results.

By receiving scanning results in the platform automatically, IT security teams can now benefit from Prism’s management, analysis, and collaboration tools as soon as their results are available from third-party scanners. Like so many of Prism’s powerful features, this makes it even faster and more streamlined for teams to manage and resolve their vulnerabilities.

Automatic importing is currently available for Tenable Nessus Professional, WAS, and VM, with support for Qualys, Rapid 7, and Outpost24 to follow in Prism’s next update. For all scanning tools supported by Prism (see below), users are able to upload their results or connect their scanners using APIs.

Vulnerability Scanners Supported by Prism e1649853380582

Vulnerability scanners and import formats supported by Prism

More Customization

Prism 2.2 also gives users more customization options for how they view their data in the platform. Users can now choose which columns to show in data tables, such as for Projects, Issues, and Assets, and save personalized layouts to their settings, as well as customize the amount of data they can see throughout the platform.

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