Questionnaires help your consultants gather the information needed to produce your Statement of Work. You can easily create, submit, and invite teammates to contribute to questionnaires without having to leave the platform.

Navigate to ‘Questionnaires’ on the Menu.

Here, you can find your existing questionnaires and create new ones to submit to your consultant.

Click ‘+ New Questionnaire’ to begin.

Select the type of test you need from the dropdown menu, name it, and click ‘Create questionnaire’. You will see the list of questions required to complete your questionnaire.

You can add relevant contacts for your project, including: primary contact, system contact, project manager, and technical contact. Click ‘Edit’ to enter a name for each of these roles. If needed, you can provide more details in the ‘Additional Information’ box.

On the right-hand side, you will see the option to add files to the ‘Shared resources’ box. This is our secure file exchange, which you can use to securely share documents with your consultants. Click the ‘+’ icon and select a file to upload; you can upload up to four files with a maximum file size of 20MB each. We allow any file type.

Your questionnaire will auto-save every 30 seconds upon a detected change. This means you can log out of the platform and come back to finish it another time.

Tick the ‘Submit questionnaire’ box at the top of your screen to submit it.

If you need to change the name or estimated durations for your project, click ‘Actions’ in the top right-hand corner and then ‘Change details’. Then click ‘Save changes’.

Give other users access to a questionnaire

You can invite other users to edit a questionnaire. To do this, navigate to the main Questionnaires interface, click the three-dots menu on the right-hand side, and select ‘Shared Access’.

Select or enter the email addresses of the individuals you would like to give access to and select how many days you would like the invitation to remain active before the link expires. Then click ‘Share link’ to send the invites.

Invitees will receive an invitation via email; if they are not registered on the platform, they will be invited to create an account.

You can edit who has access to a questionnaire by selecting Permissions and then Questionnaire Permissions on the Menu.