Throughout the Results interfaces, you will see different ‘statuses’.

Statuses tell you useful information about Projects, Phases, Issues, and hosts.

Read on to find out what these different statuses mean.

Project statuses

The status of your project gives you an indication of progress. The different project statuses are:

  • Pipeline: Think of this as a draft.
  • Statement of Work (SoW) Created
  • Scheduled
  • In Progress
  • Delivered

Phase statuses

Projects are broken down and delivered in phases. These statuses indicate the progress of your phases. The different phase statuses are:

  • Pencilled: Think of this as a draft.
  • Scheduled: You can see the scheduled dates for a phase in the Phases interface or by selecting a specific phase.
  • In Progress: Issues with a status of ‘published’ (see below) are subject to change when a phase is ‘in progress’, so should not be considered final.
  • Delivered: A ‘Closed Phase’ banner and the name of the tester who approved its release will appear under the phases’ details.

Issue statuses

These statuses indicate whether you have remediated vulnerabilities identified by your tester.

The different issue statuses are:

  • Published: Issues marked as ‘published’ are available to view; you have not marked them as remediated yet. If the issue’s corresponding phase status (see above) is “in progress, the information published about your issue may be subject to change. On the other hand, if it is ‘delivered’, the information is final and the issue is ready for you to remediate.
  • Remediated: Your issue will be marked as ‘remediated’ once the statuses of its affected hosts are marked as Fixed Verified or Fixed Unverified (see below). A ‘Remediated’ banner will appear under the issue’s details.

Host statuses

The affected host(s) associated with an issue have their own statuses. The different statuses for a host are:

  • Vulnerable
  • Fixed (Unverified): You have marked the host as remediated, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Rootshell. This status may be sufficient for you, however you can choose to work with us to confirm remediation.
  • Fixed (Verified): You have marked the host as remediated and this has been confirmed by Rootshell.

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