Prism Platform 1.13 introduces Asset Prioritization, which makes it effortless to manage, prioritize, and track assets, as well as enhanced user experience (UX) for collaboration, and mass data exporting.

Effortless and Insightful Asset Management

Prism Platform’s new asset prioritization functionality completely overhauls the otherwise laborious task of manually managing a vast, global inventory of assets.

The platform automatically generates a central view of your assets and their severity ratings, so you can quickly and easily pinpoint which are most vulnerable.

You can enrich assets with key information, such as priority ratings, system owners, asset values, operating systems, and more, making it effortless to identify and track your most important assets.

Assets 1.13

You can also merge assets together, such as grouping several IP addresses, URLs, and systems into one asset; you can then visualise and track groups of assets throughout the platform.

Within Prism, an asset doesn’t have to be an IP address or URL; for example, it could be a person, building, or brand, which ensures the platform accurately reflects your organisation’s unique structure and priorities.

This powerful new functionality removes countless manual tasks from asset prioritization and puts essential insights front-and-centre, so your team can spend more time on what’s most important: addressing critical issues fast and keeping vulnerable assets safe.

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New and Improved UX for Collaboration

Prism’s Phases/Scans page has been redesigned with collaboration in mind. These interfaces, which provide details of specific phases of pen tests or scans from vulnerability scanners, now allow for larger datasets and clearer comment streams. The new UX will enhance collaboration between clients, testers, and any third parties on specific phases and scans.

Phase Scan 1.13


Export All Data From Prism in One Click

The platform now makes it easy for users with large datasets, i.e. multiple projects, to export all their data to an Excel Spreadsheet. Users can now filter and select more than one phase and project at a time to be exported, to facilitate offline analysis and reporting. In theory, users can now export all their data from Prism in a single click!

Jon Bellard, Prism Product Manager, said: “Prism’s fantastic new asset management functionality automates the countless time consuming tasks needed to manage a global asset inventory, provides instant visibility of vulnerable assets, and will play a fundamental role in driving down the time it takes for teams to fix their most critical issues. And this is just the building block for the exciting new features to come, which will enhance our users’ situational awareness even further.”

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