New Features

  • Asset Management – Prism now supports the ability for clients to manage their assets within the platform. This consists of a central view of your assets in scope for testing, together with the severity ratings on a per asset basis, making it easy to identify your most vulnerable asset(s). This feature also supports the ability for users to set a Priority Rating of an asset, System Owner, Technical Owner, Asset Value, OS Information and more. This allows you to identify and track your most important assets within Prism. This view also provides you with an activity view that details what tests have been carried out on the asset(s) and when. This feature can be found within the Results → Assets page.

  • New Phase/Scan Results Page View – A new layout for the phase/scan testing view within Prism has been implemented that improves the user experience and uses the screen real estate to its potential, providing an easier comments stream view.

  • Mass Export of Issues – Prism now supports the ability to filter your data within the Results → Issues page and export this data to an Excel Spreadsheet to assist with offline analysis and reporting. This feature is also available within the Projects page, so you can export more than one project at a time, and within the Results → Phases/Scans view.

Platform Improvements

  • Updated Phases/Scans Summary Page – Some new inclusions that follow on from the recent Projects page improvements whereby the user can see a risk rating view across all phases/scans.

  • Issues Page Functionality – Improvements to this page include the ability to perform actions on issues such as remediation, send issues to ticketing systems and manage tags. Bringing over the capabilities from the phase/scan view into this main issues repository.

  • Deletion of issues on mass – Prism now supports the ability to delete more than 20 issues at a time when importing results into Prism. This assists the user if they have imported incorrect results and need to clean up a test/scan.

  • Additional sortable columns – Within the Phase/Scan asset view, Prism now allows the user to sort this data to assist with analysis.

  • Service Type Filtering – More prominent service type filtering is now visible within the Results sections and around Prism to make it clear what datasets the user is viewing.

  • Company Filtering – The ability to filter data by company has now been added to the main dashboard, Projects and Results pages to assist with those clients that have multiple companies within their tenant.