Prism Platform (version 2.7) is live, including a range of new features that transform how testing providers and clients are able to collaborate.

Track the Progress of Engagements with Ease

Prism’s Tenant Overview, which consolidates all of a testing company’s clients into one view, features a new dashboard for tracking QA statuses.

Teams can monitor the QA progress of tests at a glance, including whether comments have been submitted, a grammar QA is required, or a report has been approved for release.

By providing clear visibility of the QA process from start to finish, Prism empowers testers to deliver reports within their agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The platform already provides teams with a State of Play dashboard, which gives an overview of the progress of engagements as a whole, facilitating more streamlined project management.

Improve Your Scoping Process

Prism makes it fast for testing providers to scope new engagements and deliver important documents to clients.

Testing providers can create their own bespoke templates using the platform’s intuitive WYSIWYG editor, including for Statement of Works (SOWs) and proposal documents.

These latest updates mean that the platform now consolidates scoping into a single, efficient process, as SOWs can be populated using Prism’s client questionnaires.

The platform also makes it easier for clients to provide information for proposals, by enabling them to clone previously completed questionnaires for use in similar engagements.

Greater Insights for Testing Providers

Prism now enables testing providers to assign industry sectors to their clients, so they can gain ever greater insights from the data stored in the platform.

Below is a summary of all the additional new features included in version 2.7.

Application Features Operational Features
Qualys Scan and Report Importing - Prism now supports both scan and asset based report imports from Qualys. This is to enable Qualys scan agent imports as well as Qualys Guard scan importing. Email Reminders - PMO teams are now able to be copied into project reminders by default.
Download Assets Report - Users are now able to download an issues spreadsheet from the Assets page sorted by Asset and by Issue. QA Process - A rewording of the QA stages and the introduction of a new stage called “QA Comments Addressed” makes the process clearer.
Questionnaires - Users have the ability to assign mandatory fields for created questionnaire templates. Tenant Creation/Users - Users are now able to add/remove users when completing the new tenant process.
Audit Log - Entries now include Questionnaire tasks. CVE Watchlist - now users are able to set their own expiry date for issues. A hit counter has also been included to visualise prevalence of the CVE across the Prism instance.
Projects - A last tested column has been added to this page to assist users in quickly identifying those projects that have contained some testing activity. A new filter has been added for Test Companies. Exclude Security Provider Users - There is now an Excluded Domains feature to remove testing providers users from the tenant overview user count metrics.
Checkbox Multiselect Shortcut - Users are now able to use the “SHIFT and Click” shortcut to select a number of line items at once.
Affected Instances - It is now possible to sort this column by Affected Instances within the pages this exists.

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