The Rootshell team are excited to announce the release of new major features for the Rootshell Prism Platform: Questionnaires and Secure File Exchange.

Both features expand on Prism Platform’s ability to accelerate remediation management and improve how colleagues, vendors, and third parties collaborate on fixing security vulnerabilities.

The new Questionnaires feature enables clients to effortlessly provide their consultants with the information needed to scope new engagements. Clients can generate, fill out, and submit questionnaires without leaving the platform, replacing the need for emailing back and forth and accelerating the entire process.


It’s also seamless to collaborate on questionnaires; clients can invite colleagues to join the platform to contribute. The platform’s sophisticated ‘Permissions’ mean clients can specify which colleagues can view a questionnaire and what actions they can perform.

Also included in the platform’s latest release is the Secure File Exchange. This provides a safe way for clients to transfer documents with colleagues and consultants; a process that typically relies on email or implementing long-winded security processes. In just a few clicks, clients can share files safe in the knowledge that their data is secure.



Dominic Myers, Rootshell’s Head of Development, said: “We’re committed to continuously improving our clients’ experience on the platform, so we are very excited to release these new major features so soon after launch. We look forward to seeing how the new functionality further enhances remediation management and makes it