New Features

  • Outpost 24 XML Support – To add to the growing list of current scanning technology providers, Prism now welcomes Outpost 24 xml importing!

  • Platform Notification System – Prism now has a mechanism to alert users to Prism updates, feature details and much more to come!

  • MVS Issue Regression Feature – Prism will now notify users of any previously remediated issues that are reported to be present again. Email and Notification system alerts are available. Currently supports Tenable Nessus scans only. More compatibility will follow in the next Prism release.

  • Autosave Feature – Introduced an auto save feature for adding issues and completing questionnaires in Prism. Should a timeout occur, progress is not lost.

Platform Improvements

  • Platform Issue Reporting – Prism issues are now aligned to an issue residing on a host and port.

  • Prism Tagging System – Improvement made to the tagging system. Issues added at phase level will now inherit any phase level or project level tags.

  • Commenting System – The system now includes the Asset details the comment relates to, making it easier to track collaboration for assets.

  • Issue Filtering – Filters now include the Decommissioned and In-Progress states.

  • Questionnaires User Contact Details – Added fields for telephone number and email address

  • Issues Page Filtering – Now support the filtering of Accepted Risk and multiple risk rating filters.

  • SLA System – SLAs are now set for a given host and issue and not in isolation. Meaning that issues that re-occur will use the first set SLA and not a newly created one.

  • SLA System – SLA summary information is now extended to phase level to give the user an overview of the status for each test/phase performed.

  • PDF Reporting – Fixed bug where there is one phase of testing, the PDF would display the overview graph twice.

  • Additional MVS Scan Types – Prism now supports the definition of a scan to include Internal and External Network Infrastructure.

  • New 404 Page Design – Updated the look of the error page that you hopefully should not see!