New Features

  • New Look GUI – Dashboard – A brand new dashboard layout that is now more interactive and intuitive than ever! Users can now filter their data more efficiently and see more trending information across their digital estates. The dashboard source data is now platform-wide, with the option to focus on different service types or tags if required. Users can now track the remediation rate versus open issues on a month-by-month basis, highlighting progress. Exploitable issues within an estate now takes a front and centre location, giving more insight and prioritisation to issues. Users now have a personalised area for assigned issues within Prism, making it easier to track workload.

  • New Look GUI – Projects View – The Projects page has had a revamp to include more information related to project-based engagements, with high level metrics around the compliance status of projects, dates, issue counts and visuals. The data source is also platform-wide with the option to filter to service type.

  • Exploit-DB Integration – Prism now looks up vulnerabilities to the Exploit-DB resource to enrich threat data to include if there are verified exploits for any issues that are detected within an estate.

  • NVD Integration – Prism will now include automatic references to the NVD resource to enrich threat data and understanding of issues.

  • Vulnerability Scanning Dynamic Remediation – Within the Vulnerability Scanning service type and at Project level, this feature can be enabled to assist clients that use scans to retest if their remediation has been successful. This feature will compare the last scan in Prism with the latest scan you are importing and highlight the differences to the user, before dynamically remediating issues that are now not present. This will help those clients that have large digital estates.

Platform Improvements

  • Edit Port and Protocol Details – When creating and editing an issue within Prism you can now manually edit the port and protocol details within the affected instances table.

  • Vulnerability Scanning Issue Regression Feature – This feature has now been rolled out to include all supported scanning platforms within Prism.

  • Service Switcher Button – This has now been removed as Prism becomes more inclusive of all test types. Filtering of service types will still be possible throughout Prism.