Application Features

New Features

  • Platform Tutorials – Added the ability for clients to view hints and tips for relevant pages throughout the platform. A new workflow has been implemented to assist first time users to the platform to provide signposting to actions they need to perform. For regular and frequent users we have added the ability to include hints and tips for new features released to the platform. This will make Prism far more intuitive to its users.

  • Compliance Dashboard – Added the ability to trend your Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR) over time with a new graphing option.

  • PDF Reporting – PDF generation has additional options now for ordering the phases within the exported report. Also users can now generate project level reports to produce a consolidated report that contains all phases. Options include executive summary only and full technical content.

Platform Improvements

  • Dashboard – Latest and upcoming scans/phases now contain more detail regarding the project they relate to.

  • Dashboard – Further context has been added to the Remediated Issues widget with the inclusion of a breakdown of issue severity covered at each stage of the remediation process.

  • Data Importer Wizard – Numerous graphical updates have been applied to make this even clearer and easier to import your results into Prism, such as project and phase/scan statuses. The wizard now also supports any external scanners setup in your Prism instance.

  • Assign a User – Now possible to assign a Prism user against an affected host issue.

  • Issue Comments – Users can now set a favourite label against one or more comments within an issue comments stream to capture and call out that comment in your excel exports.

  • Issue Regression Emails – This notification has been rolled up to contain multiple entries within one email to reduce the amount coming from Prism.

  • Issues Page – Added a new operator filter option for tags to provide the user the ability to search for tags that DO NOT contain a certain string. This is in additional to AND and OR.

  • Permissions Module – Users are now able to clone an existing user role to make it easier to apply a new role with additional rules.

  • US PDF Reporting – Added localisation around date formats for US based reporting.

  • Project Email Reminders – Now possible to see the list of recipients that this reminder will be sent to.

  • Bug Fixes – Many bugs have been squashed in this release to provide a more complete Prism Platform experience.

Operational Features

New Features

  • Tenant Overview
    • Tenant Management – Prism now creates all tenants as a Standard license by default. The tenant would then need to be upgraded via the dashboard page to an Enterprise level tenant.
    • Tenant Management – Within tenant creation users have the ability to apply a company PDF configuration profile. This allows the user when creating a tenant to set the PDF branding and appendices by default for the companies added to the tenant.
    • Settings – Email Settings – It is now possible to select global email settings for a Prism instance, this covers:
      • Managed Services Emails – An email is sent for every scan QA update
      • Project Management Emails – An email is sent for every Phase/Scan QA update
      • Penetration Testing Report Release/Approval – Email is sent whenever a Penetration Test is ready for approval and can be tagged in QA updates
      • Managed Services Scan Release/Approval – Email is sent whenever a managed services scan is ready for approval and can be tagged in QA updates
      • Sales Personnel Questionnaire Updates – Is updated whenever a new Questionnaire is submitted
      • 1st Line Prism Platform Support – Support email is used for the in built help centre
      • Internal Email Domains – A new domain must start with a @ and cannot be a duplicate domain. Setting this parameter tells prism what is classed as internal email content
    • Settings – Setup Groups – the ability to assign a number of users to a predefined user group which will be added to the tenant creation process. This will speed up the adding of a group of users to a tenant that are needed for the operation and management of the client/tenant.

Platform Improvements

  • New Scanner Location Option – added the ability to assign host based scanners for MVS.
  • CVE Format Validation – added some validation around the CVE entries to maintain the correct CVE format within the database.
  • Database Enrichment – Numerous database improvements have been made to make sure Prism is tracking and populating asset information effectively. This consists of the following currently:
    • OS Information
    • CPE Information
    • Port Protocol
    • Port Service Information and Versioning

All supported scanning platforms automatically populate these areas, when available, to assist with future querying and analysis. Further inclusions and enhancements will be made in future sprints.