Application Features

New Features

  • Connected Accounts – Automatic importing of vulnerability scanning results is here! Prism now supports the auto importing of completed scans from the full Tenable suite supported by Prism. Users are able to edit project settings to monitor a scanner(s) for completed scans and have them automatically imported into Prism for visibility, making the process seamless!
  • Connected Accounts – Rapid7’s InsightVM platform is now supported for file upload of scan results.
  • Notification Centre 2.0 – The Prism notification centre has had a major revamp in order to support multiple notification types and future notification improvements. The Prism deployment process has also been included to ensure users are informed of Prism downtimes.
  • Configurable Columns – Users are now able to store the layout of tables within a number of pages within Prism to help personalise your experience. Look out for the cog within table elements throughout the platform. We will be rolling this out across all areas of Prism in the coming months.
  • Pagination – Users are now able to customise the amount of data they wish to see on numerous pages throughout Prism. Also, users can jump to certain pages easily with the new intuitive interface. We will be rolling this out across all areas of Prism in the coming months.

Platform Improvements

  • Quick Importer – Prism now handles the workflow for the importing of larger scans by keeping the user informed on the progress of the import into Prism.
  • Assets – Users can now perform a number of bulk instructions such as the decommissioning of multiple assets and assigning multiple priority ratings from the assets page.
  • Assets – Users are now able to import a list of assets into Prism through JSON format. There is an example file available for download within the interface.
  • Assets – Users are now able to propagate the Hostname as well as the friendly Name entry to project and host overview pages within Prism, making Prism consistent with the way it reports your assets.
  • Assets – Informational severity issue counts and totals have been added to the assets page and host overview tabs within Projects. This can also be configured through the configurable columns feature.
  • Dashboard – Two new filters have been added. Projects and Companies can now be filtered and used to visualise the issue data from the dashboard.
  • User Created Projects – Verified Remediation option is now available for those issues contained within projects created by users of Prism. Projects and issues created by testing companies will still continue to not support Verified Remediation options for retesting purposes.

Operational Features

New Features

  • Questionnaires – Improvements have been made to enable questionnaires to be centrally managed on a per Prism instance basis. Users can update existing and create new questionnaires, and push these out to all tenants/clients for consistent up-to-date usage.
  • Issue Merging – Prism now supports the merging of issues for staff and tester user roles. This allows testers to merge a number of issues into one common issue, for example Multiple Windows Patching etc can now be rolled up easily to one reported issue. This is available within a test’s phase view only. This functionality will soon be expanded to be available for end users.

Operational Improvements

  • Test Types – Existing test types are now editable through the settings option menu.
  • QA – Tasks within the QA modal can now reference issues within the test/phase to make it even easier to QA a report and refer to a specific issue for review.