Prism Plus+

Professional Services

Take advantage of our Prism Plus service to gain access to the project management resources from our Client Engagement team, who will develop a deep understanding of your environment and requirements, acting as a true extension of your business.

A dedicated member of the PMO team will provide assistance with all project management aspects of the Prism service, including scheduling pentests, review calls, training and more.
Assistance with the setup and management of Prism Platform, including User and Permission management, asset tagging, and training sessions for client team members.

The Prism Plus service is agnostic, allowing clients to leverage the Rootshell team to liaise with multiple 3rd party Penetration Testing organisations in the delivery of Penetration Testing. The project management team will ensure deadlines for delivery are met through a pre-defined rotation of testing across the agreed multiple testing firms.

Leverage your dedicated project manager to assist with scheduling penetration tests, including 3rd party pentesting firms, and onboarding of 3rd party results into Prism.

The Rootshell team will provide monthly reporting metrics that will cover, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Timelines of Ongoing Projects
  • Project Contacts
  • 3rd Party Testing Company Splits
  • Testing Dates
  • SLA Tracking
  • Cost of Projects

Prism Plus+ 10 Step Engagement Model

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