Testing providers typically juggle separate systems for creating documents for clients, scheduling engagements, and tracking the progress of both administrative and testing processes.

Not only is this laborious and inefficient, it can delay the time it takes for clients to receive important results.

Prism Platform’s (version 2.7) latest updates enable testers to accelerate and streamline their operational workflows, empowering them to improve their processes internally and deliver a far better experience for clients from start to finish.

Prism’s Tenant Overview, which consolidates all of a testing company’s clients and active engagements, now features a new dashboard for tracking QA statuses. This enables teams to monitor the progress of tests at a glance, and makes it easier to identify any stalled engagements that may need chasing.

qa reports dashboard 3

Prism also significantly increases the speed at which clients can receive documents. Testers can customize templates for key documents, such as Statement of Works (SOW), and generate a new document for a client in just a few clicks. SOWs can be populated using Prism’s client questionnaires, consolidating the entire process of scoping into a single, efficient process.

doc template creator

The platform also makes it easier for clients to deliver information for proposals, by enabling them to clone completed questionnaires for use in upcoming engagements.

Version 2.7 of Prism Platform goes live on Thursday, 24th November. Get in touch to find out how Prism can benefit you.

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