Remote Onsite Testing

With the world facing social lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RootShell Security understand that business must continue.  RootShell Security’s approach to a ‘business as usual’ model, doesn’t just apply to the current pandemic, but also to many differing incidents they may manifest, which make on premise or on-site security assessments a challenge.

More and more businesses are taking the ‘work from home’ approach, allowing their employees to securely connect to the organisation internal systems via secure remote access.

By leveraging technology, business can continue, this also means your organisational security strategy continues as well.

RootShell Security understand that security must continue and by utilising one of the many solutions, internal or onsite security assessments become a simple and secure process.  By utilising RootShell’s Secure Operation Centre (SOC), organisations can rest assured with the peace of mind that security is key.

By maximising the advantages of remote access, the client can subscribe to scores of testing types, this can include a full internal penetration test, bespoke desktop applications, operating system (OS) build reviews, Wi-Fi assessments, internal vulnerability assessments, anything is possible.

RootShell Security Internal Security Appliance

Big problems are often solved with simple solutions.  RootShell Security can provide your organisation with a security appliance (or Jump Box), which is securely remotely accessed from the RootShell Security SOC.

Constantly managed and monitored, a secure connection from the appliance is maintained allowing the RootShell SOC analysts and penetration testing consultants to conduct full internal assessments as though they were on site!

The secure remote connection is created by leveraging a strong secure encrypted pipe, more commonly known as a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, leveraging strong public / private certificated encryption.  The effect is like having the RootShell Security consultants in the office with you.

The appliances are pre-configured and ready to go, meaning the client just needs to plug them and give them network access.

Continuous security monitoring of the devices is managed by the SOC, who ensure the appliance themselves are fully secured and locked down, only allowing RootShell Security remote access for on demand security assessments.

RootShell Security Internal Security Assessments Your Way

Should you wish not to leverage the security appliance, RootShell Security presently work with many clients who provide their own VPN access into the internal areas for testing.  The client is always in control and can decide what systems can be accessed and when.