Today marks the release of Prism Platform 1.14, which introduces the Compliance Dashboard, a calendar for scheduled tests, and more.

Compliance Dashboard

Prism Platform’s new Compliance Dashboard serves you key insights into your vulnerability management programme. This includes measuring your remediation efforts against service level agreements (SLAs), vulnerability age, priority asset information, most commonly reported issues, and a dynamic leader board for asset management.

compliance 1

The dashboard gives you instant insight into the status of your SLAs. It informs you of how old your issues are, which issues have become non-compliant, and crucially, what your mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) is for each severity rating.

You can also view the status of your most important assets at a glance. The Compliance Dashboard provides you with a constant and consistent view of your priority assets, streamlining your ability to protect them at all times.

compliance 2

The Compliance Dashboard also displays your most commonly reported vulnerabilities, helping you identify and address the source of these issues so they can be prevented in the future.

compliance 3

By harnessing Prism Platform’s asset management feature, the dashboard will also generate a dynamic leader board, ranking the number of open issues against the asset’s system owner.

compliance 4

Not only does Prism Platform’s Compliance Dashboard maximise the actionability of your data, it takes the legwork out of reporting and makes it effortless to ensure your decision making is backed up by the most important and current information.

Easily Manage Your Testing Calendar

Prism Platform now provides you with a calendar to easily keep up to date with your scheduled tests year-round. Not only that, you’re able to send reminders to colleagues from the calendar, which will alert your chosen recipients via email.

As well as manually sending email reminders, Prism can automatically alert you to future vulnerability scans and penetration tests. The platform will remind you of when the scoping and scheduling process is due.

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