Illuminate Your
Security Posture

Consolidate Your Threat Assessment, Intelligence and Remediation
Into a Single Pane of Glass: The Rootshell Prism Platform

Protect Your Organisation Against the Ever-Evolving Threat
of Cyber Attacks with an Integrated, Proactive Programme of
Continuous Next Generation Penetration Testing

Partnering with the Rootshell Security team provides your organisation with a comprehensive cyber security service designed to reduce risk for your business critical applications and networks.

Our Solutions

Rootshell’s services and solutions bring together cutting-edge systems and dedicated personnel, with non-stop research and robust procedures that enhance, augment and optimise your organisational security strategy.

Prism Services –  Continuous Testing

Our Prism services have been developed to provide your organisation with a continuous, real-time security strategy, offering greater protection against cyber threats.

These can be delivered remotely, allowing your organisation to operate as usual, whilst maintaining, complimenting and enhancing your organisational security strategy.

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Penetration Testing Services

Our Penetration Testing services are designed to assess the resilience of your organisation’s security controls by identifying how attackers could access your systems and data.

By pre-empting these attacks, we can provide recommendations on how to improve your defences in the event of a real-life attack, helping you to protect what matters most.

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Red Team as a Service

A Red Team is a safe, simulated attack designed to reflect and mimic the actions and steps taken by a real-life attacker or specific threat actor who is targeting your organisation.

Red Team as a Service is offered as an ongoing subscription that uses cutting-edge intrusion techniques and practices, ethically, to support your organisation in the identification and prevention against ever-evolving cyber threats.

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Latest News

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