Red Team as a Service

Simulate the entire lifecycle of a real-world cyber-attack. Rootshell Security’s Red Team as a Service fully assesses your organisation’s ability to detect and respond to sophisticated attack scenarios.

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red team as a service
Advanced attack resilience

Securely placing your organisation in a stronger position to prepare, detect, deter and recover from a real-world attack, should you be targeted.

Holistic view of deployed security

In the window between manual assessments, our testing platform will continuously test your networks and alert you of any possible security vulnerabilities.

Review effectiveness of incident response mechanisms

Testing will expose and assess internal response mechanisms and ‘actions upon’ in the case of any detection of the attack.

Continuous improvement

The output from any simulated attack can help improve internal business and user awareness, with output able to be utilised in internal training programmes, and where relevant, support compliance requirements.

Testing security procedures and practices

Providing evidence of what policies and procedures failed or indeed protected the organisation during the attack lifecycle.

Full range of cutting-edge hacker techniques

Rootshell Security will work with you, professionally and ethically, to determine your organisation’s resilience to an attack.

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What is a red team assessment?

A red team assessment is the ultimate way to test your organisation’s ability to detect and respond to cyber-attacks. Using the same methods as real-world threat actors, a red team assessment launches a safe but realistic attack simulation to evaluate the resilience of your organisation at each stage of the attack lifecycle.

Our in-depth, intelligence-driven red team service puts your security techniques, processes, and personnel to the test. You will gain full visibility of your security strategy’s strengths and weaknesses, amplifying your situational awareness and empowering you to improve your defences. We closely tailor our red team assessments to your organisation and offer an ongoing subscription to support you against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Red team services are different from penetration testing services, which aim to identify as many exploitable vulnerabilities as possible.

What is the purpose of a red team assessment?

Red team services assess how well your organisation would perform at each stage of a cyber attack, from reconnaissance to exploitation. You will gain extensive insight into the status of your attack surface and the effectiveness of your security techniques, processes, and personnel.

By conducting a red team assessment you will test the following:

  • Resilience of your attack surface
  • Effectiveness of your threat detection techniques
  • Efficiency of your response processes
  • Awareness of your personnel
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How are Red team security assessments carried out?

The objective of red team security testing reflects the aim of a real-world threat actor. This could include privilege escalation, data exfiltration, or obtaining the credentials of senior personnel. Our experienced consultants can advise what goal would be most suitable for your organisation.

Once we have agreed on a goal for your red team assessment, we carry it out in four steps:

What is the difference between a penetration test and a red team assessment?

Both penetration tests and red team assessments aim to improve an organisation’s security defences by emulating the techniques of a real-world threat actor. But the format and methods of the assessments differ.

Experience Dynamic Multimedia Red Team Reporting

Prism Platform is a vendor-agnostic vulnerability management solution that puts you at the centre of your IT security ecosystem. Consolidate assessment results, accelerate remediation from start to finish, and gain real-time insight into your ever-changing threat landscape.

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The benefits of Red team security testing