Active Exploit Detection

It’s impossible for teams to resolve every issue within their estate, and as only 2-7% of vulnerabilities are actually exploited, many will may never need be fixed.

Without the right context, it’s challenging for teams to identify which issues to focus on, particularly as CVSS scores tell a limited story.

Prism Platform automatically identifies issues that are being actively exploited by threat actors in the wild.

Prism Vulnerability Issues Venn Diagram

Active Exploit Alerts

Prism’s Active Exploit Detection overhauls point-in-time reporting and provides teams with powerful, continuous surveillance.

Prism provides the context needed to cut through the noise of vulnerability data, pinpointing which issues are truly most vulnerable to you and empowering teams to implement the most effective prioritization possible.

Screenshot of the Prism Platform, working with Rootshell

AI Threat Finder

Prism Platform continuously scans a user’s estate for any issues that are being actively exploited by threat actors in the wild. If any of these vulnerabilities are detected, users are alerted immediately by the platform.

Prism’s AI threat finder scans thousands of information sources to discover the issues that are currently being used by threat actors to launch attacks.

Prism Threat AI

Connecting Your Vulnerability Management Program With Leading Intelligence Sources

Prism’s Active Exploit Detection integrates with the leading sources of exploit information:

  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
  • Zero Day Initiative
  • Exploit DB

Alongside Prism’s own AI Threat Finder, these sources allow us to deliver even greater context for users.

Daily Exploit Detection Updated July 22
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