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About Us

The Rootshell vision is to innovate and consolidate. Our mission is to deliver the best tools, products, services, and people, in a tailored, continuous programme of testing, assessment and intelligence; delivered as actionable insight, in a single pane of glass.

We believe that point-in-time pen test engagements, as well as disparate assessment and intelligence tools, can hinder the efforts of your team to visualise, prioritise and remediate the most pressing issues.

Our Continuous Testing Services have been developed as a way to provide your organisation with a continuous, real-time security strategy, offering greater protection against cyber threats.

Prism Platform is the embodiment of the Rootshell ethos: continuous testing, actionable results.

Partnering with the Rootshell Security team provides your organisation with a comprehensive cyber security service designed to mitigate risk for your business critical applications and networks.

Our Values (I.C.A.R.E)


Be brave. Bring forward ideas that allow us to keep our clients one step ahead. Innovation is key.


Together we are stronger. Be respectful and support each other to deliver against our goals.


Be positive, lift spirits. Find solutions to problems, strive to overcome obstacles.


Every interaction with clients is meaningful. Be a Rootshell ambassador at all times.


Be passionate about what we do and deliver the highest level of service, internally and externally.


Rootshell’s services and solutions bring together cutting-edge systems and dedicated personnel, with non-stop research and robust procedures that enhance, augment and optimise your organisational security strategy.

We’re looking for innovate, collaborative colleagues, with positive attitudes. You’ll represent Rootshell to our esteemed clients, and be dedicated to excellence.

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