Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) service is designed to complement your penetration testing service by giving you year-round visibility and protection against new and evolving vulnerabilities.

By integrating our MVS service with your annual penetration testing, we can help to improve your security posture by identifying, analysing and managing risks and threats to your organisation; ensuring you stay protected all year-round.

Effective budget usage

Our MVS service means you can use your resources more effectively, by removing and reducing costs associated with purchasing, implementing and managing tools, as well as training and employing additional staff – resources that could be better used supporting remediation efforts.

Subject matter experts

With a dedicated Rootshell SOC analyst, and access to our wider pool of CREST accredited penetration testers, we can offer your organisation confidence and peace of mind. As your trusted security partner, we have the relevant subject matter experts on hand to assist you with the insight you need to remediate effectively.

Scanning tool agnostic

We assess and select the best-in-class, enterprise-grade scanning tools; deploying and managing the most effective MVS service on your behalf. When we believe a new or existing product becomes a challenger or market leader, we will deploy this to the scanning platform environment for the benefit of our clients.

End-to-End Service

Using reactive Intelligence, we can identify if your organisation’s internet infrastructure appears on bad-reputation lists (aka ‘blacklists’) associated with malicious behaviour. This may indicate a range of potential concerns such as infected / compromised corporate endpoints.

This service includes:

  • Initial planning and scoping with an experienced professional services consultant
  • Tuning and configuration of scanning platform
  • Scheduling, execution and management of scans
  • Vulnerability prioritisation and remediation guidance
  • Production of straight-forward reporting and easy-to-understand remediation guidance

Service Provisioning and Onboarding

Our expert security consultants work with your organisation to identify and prioritise key assets. By leveraging our extensive experience in vulnerability scanning, the Rootshell team will define, configure and optimise all scanning activities forin-scope assets.

Expert Validation & Remediation Guidance

This service provides a comprehensive understanding of discovered vulnerabilities and affected areas.

Our Security Operation Centre (SOC) analysts and security consultants are on hand to work with your organisation to discuss results, confirm the accuracy of reported vulnerabilities, reduce the number of false positives and reflect a suitable risk rating proportionate to the affected assets and your organisation’s risk appetite.

You can be confident that the reported results are scrutinised by the Rootshell team so that any remedial action can help your organisation reduce risk and improve it’s overall securityposture.

Service Review

As your organisation’s requirements change and evolve, so too can our MVS service. We will continue to review our service attributes and propose any adjustments as necessary, to meet your overall objectives.

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