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Continuously monitor and maintain your security posture with Managed Vulnerability Scanning – a fully managed service, manual reviews, and expert guidance from Rootshell Security.

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What is Managed Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability scanning uses software to continuously analyse your network for security vulnerabilities. By continuously scanning, you can put your organisation in the strongest position to identify and eliminate threats before they can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) takes the load off your in-house team by providing a fully managed service. This includes expert configuration, remediation advice, and manual reviews to dismiss false positives.

Our MVS services can work hand-in-hand with your annual penetration testing services to provide even greater protection and year-round defence. Read more about Vulnerability Management Systems.

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Types of vulnerabilities identified

Our specialist Managed Vulnerability Scanning services identify a wide range of important vulnerabilities, including but not limited to:

  • System misconfiguration
  • Unpatched software
  • Encryption issues
  • Weak credentials
  • Injection flaws
  • Broken access control
  • Broken authentication
  • Security misconfiguration

View your vulnerability scans alongside your other threat services

Prism Platform is a vendor-agnostic vulnerability management solution that puts you at the centre of your IT security ecosystem. Consolidate assessment results, accelerate remediation from start to finish, and gain real-time insight into your ever-changing threat landscape.

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Key features of our Managed Vulnerability Scanning services

Our fully-managed services support your organisation’s requirements in a number of ways:

1. End-to-end service: Our expert security consultants handle everything, from configuration to reporting. They are also on-hand to provide remediation advice, ensuring you know exactly how to keep your organisation secure.

2. Intelligence-driven: Using intelligence, we can identify whether your organisation’s internet infrastructure appears on bad-reputation lists (aka ‘deny-lists’) associated with malicious behaviour. Find out more about our Cyber Threat Intelligence services.

3. Expert validation: Our Security Operation Centre (SOC) analysts scrutinise your results to confirm the accuracy of reported vulnerabilities, reduce the number of false positives, and assign suitable risk ratings.

4. Flexible to your needs: As your organisation’s requirements change and evolve, so too can our Managed Vulnerability Scanning service. We ensure our service continuously adapts to meet your objectives.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning Benefits

  • Regular surveillance: Continuous vulnerability management helps to identify and eliminate security weaknesses. Managed Vulnerability Scanning alerts you to issues as soon as they are discovered and validated, providing your organisation with year-round protection.
  • Manual reviews: Our security consultants manually review your vulnerability scans to dismiss errors, false positives, and non-issues, so you only spend time focussing on what’s most important.
  • Better use of resources: Save your resources for business-critical activities. Our Managed Vulnerability Scanning service frees up the time and cost of running your own vulnerability scans; resources that could be better spent remediating issues.

Why Rootshell’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning services?

Our highly experienced and dedicated analysts provide the expertise, insight, and advice needed to receive the best Managed Vulnerability Scanning service possible.

  • Expert Managed Vulnerability Scanning: We have the relevant experts on-hand to provide the insight needed to remediate effectively. You will have a dedicated Rootshell Consultant, who hold accreditation by various bodies such as CREST, Offensive Security, and Cyber Scheme.
  • Best-in-class tools: We change tooling as and when we feel it is best for our clients. There is no additional licence cost to the client When we believe a new or existing product becomes a challenger or market leader, we will deploy it for the benefit of our clients.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Your organisation probably has a vast number of assets, some more important than others. Our security consultants take the time to help you prioritise, ensuring you make the best use of your budget.
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Frequently Asked Questions about MVS

Vulnerability scans continuously assess different components of an organisation’s network for security weaknesses, such as firewalls, web applications, and server vulnerability testing.

The scans provide exhaustive lists of vulnerabilities identified. It is then up to security teams to determine which issues require remediation. This is one reason our clients find our Managed Vulnerability services so valuable; our manual checks provide the expert validation and prioritisation needed.

We provide our Managed Vulnerability Scanning service in the follow stages:

  •       Planning and scoping of the managed vulnerability scan with an experienced security consultant
  •       Tuning and configuration of scanning platform
  •       Scheduling, execution, and management of scans
  •       Vulnerability prioritisation and validation
  •       Straight-forward reporting and remediation guidance

Vulnerability scanning is a critical part of any organisation’s cyber security strategy. New vulnerabilities are emerging all the time and threat actors continuously evolve their tactics. If a threat actor accesses your network via a vulnerability, they could cause serious damage, such as stealing sensitive data or launching a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Vulnerability scanning continuously assesses your network for threats, so you can resolve issues as soon as they appear.

Conducting vulnerability scans in-house presents teams with a number of challenges. Without the right expertise, scanning tools may be poorly implemented or misconfigured, which could be critical if important issues are missed. On the other hand, it can be costly and resource-intensive to recruit and train the right people. Teams can also waste time on issues that are in fact errors, false positives, or non-issues. Managed Vulnerability Scanning services provide the expertise required to run the best quality service and can save teams significant time and cost in the long run.

A false positive indicates that a security vulnerability exists when it does not. This can create unnecessary work for teams who do not have the expertise to validate vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing services utilise a range of manual techniques to assess an organisation’s networks, systems, and applications for security weaknesses. Pen test services are short term, project-based engagements, that are typically conducted once or twice a year. Vulnerability scanning (without the ‘managed services’ element) is an automated process that uses software to continuously scan for vulnerabilities.

Yes. If your organisation requires vulnerability scanning to remain compliant with industry standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), our service will ensure you do so. We can tailor our assessment to meet specific compliance requirements.

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