Case Studies

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Improving Vulnerability Management for Sphere’s Remote Global Team

“Prism Platform is very useful for coordinating a global, remote team, and invaluable at helping us stay on top of our critical issues and delegating them accordingly. Prism’s dashboards are vital for us to manage our weaknesses, and I love the Prism interface – it looks slick and professional for our clients.”

– Richard Sacré, IT and Operations Director

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Streamlining the Management of Multiple Security Assessments and Accelerating Remediation for Zinc

“Prism gives me the visibility to easily understand issues, approve projects, and collaborate with colleagues, so that our remediation process is as streamlined as possible. Prism is incredibly intuitive for non-technical leaders like me. The tooltips and training make it really easy to get the most out of the platform from the get-go. ”

– Stephen Shackell, Director of Intelligence and Risk


World Top 5 Luxury Retailer

Consolidating Regional Security Data to Accelerate Remediation

“Prism Platform has given us a new level of visibility of our remediation efforts. As well as integrating our global network of security teams, it has simplified, and even removed, otherwise time-consuming processes. This has empowered our security team to focus less on data handling and more on planning and managing remediation.”

– Global Chief Information Security Officer