Firewall Audits

This assessment provides a detailed review of a firewall by assessing the running ‘config’ installed. By choosing this type of assessment you would be implementing a proven test which ensures that the configuration is reviewed for any flaws.

A RootShell Security firewall rule-set review is designed to ensure that the firewall is correctly configured and managed. All issues are reported and where appropriate CVSS scores are applied.

Using a both automated tools and manual review and verification RootShell Security will perform assess the following areas of firewall and router configurations:

  • Software version
  • Firewall rules
  • Authentication / passwords
  • Routing protocols
  • Authentication services
  • Administration services
  • Web services
  • Cryptographic settings
  • VPN configuration settings
  • Time synchronisation
  • Logon message banners
  • Logging
  • Any device specific setting