Wireless Security Testing

The purpose of a Wireless Assessment is to interrogate a wireless infrastructure and so provide assurance that it cannot be used to compromise the integrity and confidentiality of an organisations network or data.

In most cases the footprint of a wireless network will extend beyond the desired area. This effectively extends the network boundary beyond the physical boundary of private premises and into public space.

The majority of mobile devices supplied today have wireless connectivity hardware enabled by default. An attacker can use such a wireless interface as a beachhead for further attacks into the wired corporate network infrastructure.

The initial aim of the assessment is to identify all wireless devices that are in scope of the assessment. During this initial investigation, information should be gained to ascertain if there are any possible rouge/foreign devices which can be investigated during later phases.

Further tests are then implemented to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose and secure. This will highlight any security issues and lack of coverage.