Penetration Testing Services

Identify critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited; strengthen your organisation’s security defences.

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continuous penetration testing
Access the mindset of an attacker

By emulating the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and indicators of compromise (IoCs) used by hackers we can identify exploits and vulnerabilities to offer a more realistic assessment.

In the window between manual assessments, our testing platform will continuously test your networks and alert you of any possible security vulnerabilities.

Quality Assured

Our services are aligned to industry standards for network and web application security assessments such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), NIST and The Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES).

Effective Risk Management

Allowing you to focus on the highest risks that matter to your business through asset classification, risk prioritisation and remediation.

Actionable Risk Reduction

Clear, concise remediation guidance available with step-by-step instructions to enable your organisation to mitigate risks.

Remote flexible penetration testing

A Rootshell hardened security appliance can be used by our analysts and consultants to conduct full internal assessments as though they were on site.

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What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing services assess an organisation’s networks, systems, and applications for security weaknesses. Also known as ‘pen testing’ or ‘ethical hacking’, a pen tester attempts to safely exploit vulnerabilities to determine whether they could enable an attack.

Rootshell Security’s CREST-certified Penetration Testing services help you identify and remediate issues before they can be exploited. We utilise the same tactics as real-world threat actors to conduct thorough, vigorous, and insightful assessments that equip you with actionable results. Following your test, our highly experienced pen testers provide helpful remediation guidance to ensure you can resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why should your organisation use pen testing services?

  • Prepare for a real-world attack: Penetration tests are one of the most effective ways to evaluate your security posture. By emulating the same tactics, techniques, and procedures used by sophisticated threat actors, our penetration testing services truly put your organisation’s defences to the test.
  • Uncover critical vulnerabilities: As the risk of cyber attacks continues to increase, it’s crucial you have complete visibility of your organisation’s vulnerabilities. Our penetration testing services will identify any vulnerabilities, from low to high risk, so you can take action.
  • Effectively remediate risk: Penetration tests provide you with the data you need to manage and resolve vulnerabilities. Our penetration testers offer expert support so you can remediate as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Comply with security standards: Carrying out penetration testing services is essential for meeting a number of different regulatory standards. Our CREST-certified penetration tests will ensure your organisation is compliant.
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Why Rootshell’s penetration testing services?

We provide industry-leading penetration testing services to some of the largest businesses in the UK.

  • CREST-certified pen testing: CREST is an internationally recognised accreditation for penetration testing services. Our CREST-certified testers carry out your penetration testing services to the highest technical and ethical standards.
  • Quality assured: We deliver our penetration testing services to industry standards, such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES).
  • Expert advice and support: Following your penetration test, our CREST-certified testers provide you with expert guidance and support. You will receive clear reports and advice, along with step-by-step instructions, ensuring you know exactly how to remediate and reduce risk.
  • Remote penetration testing: We believe cyber security must continue, whether we can access your site in-person or not. Our penetration testing devices enable our testers to remotely access your organisation from our secure Security Operation Centre (SOC). They can then carry out penetration testing services as though they were on-site.

View Your Penetration Tests Data Alongside Your Scanning Results in a Single Consolidated Interface

Prism Platform is a vendor-agnostic vulnerability management solution that puts you at the centre of your IT security ecosystem. Consolidate assessment results, accelerate remediation from start to finish, and gain real-time insight into your ever-changing threat landscape.

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What is involved in penetration testing?

Our fully-managed penetration testing service is carried out in five stages.

  • Scoping: We work closely with your organisation to understand and agree on the complexity of your requirements. This gives us the opportunity to discuss any prerequisites, such as test accounts, authorisation, and escalation processes. All scoping, including exchanging information, is conducted securely within the Rootshell Platform.
  • Pen Testing: Your penetration testing services will be performed by our experienced security consultants, who hold the highest industry qualifications, such as CREST and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). Your assigned consultants will carry out the pen testing as agreed and update you throughout the process.
  • Reporting: We provide you with clear and extensive pen test reporting, detailing all our findings from your penetration test. The report provides you with a clear understanding of any areas of risk or vulnerability and will form the basis of your remediation process.
  • Review: Once your penetration test is complete and you have reviewed your report, you can discuss all aspects of it with your consultant. We offer expert post-pen test support and guidance on remediation activities.
  • Free Re-Test: We are passionate about our cybersecurity testing and it’s our firm belief that delivering a report of vulnerabilities should not complete a penetration test. Following an assessment, we will provide clear recommendations on how to mitigate against reported vulnerabilities and offer free remote retesting following remediation.

How often should a penetration test be done?

It’s often assumed that conducting penetration testing services once a year is sufficient, but a lot can happen between annual penetration tests. It’s recommended that you conduct a pen test any time you make significant changes to your infrastructure or network, such as when you:

  • Apply patches or upgrades to software
  • Use a new web application
  • Change your office location or add a new office to your network

What are the types of penetration testing?

We offer a range of penetration testing services. Our security consultants will work closely with you to establish what types of pen testing services your organisation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about penetration testing

A penetration testing service simulates a real-world attack on your organisation’s network, applications, or systems. This enables you to identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities so you can improve your defences against a real attack.

We recommend conducting a pen test any time you make significant changes to your infrastructure or network, such as when you make an upgrade to software or move to a new office. Our team can advise the best solution for your organisation.

The length of your penetration test depends on your organisation, the complexity of your requirements, and the number of assets you wish to test. Please get in touch so we can discuss the specific requirements of your pen test.

We can perform penetration testing services on a range of systems, including but not limited to: web applications, mobile applications, wireless networks, operating systems, hardware devices, and firewalls.

All of our pen tests are types of network penetration testing services, as the aim is to access your organisation’s network.

Yes. We can deploy a remote penetration testing box to your site, which enables our testers to remotely access your organisation from our SOC. Our testers can then carry out penetration testing services as though they were on-site.

We use a wide range of established and emerging malicious threat actor techniques to carry out your penetration testing services.

A penetration test simulates a real-world attack on your organisation’s network, applications, systems, to identify any weaknesses. A pen test is conducted by skilled consultants, who use the same techniques as real-word hackers; you can think of it as ‘ethical hacking’. On the other hand, vulnerability scanning is carried out using automated tools and solely focuses on identifying vulnerabilities within software.

We tailor our penetration testing services to fit your specific needs. Please get in touch with us about penetration testing services prices.

What are continuous penetration testing services? Continuous penetration testing services continuously test your networks and alert you of any vulnerabilities. It is an effective way of ensuring you maintain a strong security posture year-round, rather than relying on an annual penetration test.

Continuous penetration testing services

A lot can happen between annual penetration testing services. A continuous penetration testing solution can help you uphold your security posture year-round. Rootshell’s Continuous Penetration Testing service continuously tests your networks and alerts you of any possible security vulnerabilities.

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