You can let your consultant know you have remediated an issue straight from the platform. Even if we don’t handle your re-tests, this is a useful way of keeping track of your remediation efforts.

Follow the steps below to mark an issue as remediated:

Please note (MVS only): For issues that have been reported in multiple scans, Prism will close off all other instances of the issue historically.

Step 1: Go to the Issues interface, which is under Results on the menu.

Step 2: Select which issue you would like to mark as remediated from the table.

Step 3: Under Affected Hosts, select the three dots button on the right-hand side.

Step 4: Click Remediated….

Step 5: Type a message into the comment box to summarise how you have remediated the issue. You can also add attachments.

Step 6: Click Save comment.


You can also change the statuses of multiple issues at one time. Find out how here.