Tags are labels you create to help organise your data.

They enable you to customise how you organise data, for example you could create tags for business departments or geographic locations. You can then search and filter your Projects and Results by tag. When you tag a project, the tag will automatically apply to its Phases and Issues too.

Tags are completely customisable; create as many as you like and name and assign them as you see fit.

To create a tag, go to Projects and open a specific project. Under ‘Project details’, click the ‘Tags’ dropdown menu. Then type in a name for your tag.

Press enter to save the tag. You can then assign the tag to any project.

You can add multiple tags at once by repeating the process.

To assign a tag to a project, open a project from the Projects interface. Click the ‘Tags’ dropdown menu and select as many tags as you like from your list.