Prism Platform (1.15) now performs automated daily exploit checking for a user’s open vulnerabilities. The latest update also provides users with a score of their organisation’s resilience to ransomware attacks, as well as new and improved tag management.

Industry-Leading Daily Exploit Detection

Prism Platform now automatically identifies exploits for a user’s vulnerabilities on a daily basis.

The platform integrates with exploit resources, Zero Day Initiative and Exploit DB, to alert users as soon as an active exploit is detected for an open issue.

Users can then harness the platform’s array of powerful features to remediate issues fast and efficiently, including exporting issues to ticketing systems, pinpointing whether their most critical assets have been affected, measuring time-to-remediate, and much more. Prism’s Dashboard visualises the number of exploitable issues in a user’s estate and generates useful reports, including month-over-month trends.

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It’s common for people to refer to exploit resources. However, Prism’s automated exploit detection overhauls this limited, point-in-time approach. By providing continuous surveillance for exploits, users can now gain real-time insight into their ever-changing threat landscapes, and greater context of their issues to help optimise prioritisation.

Ransomware Resilience Score

Prism Platform has a new project-view for ransomware assessments. The interface visualises how resilient an organisation would be to a ransomware attack by providing users with a score. Get in touch with us to find out more about our new Ransomware Resilience Assessment.

New and Improved Tag Management

In Prism, tags are a useful way for users to organise, filter, and search their data. The new and improved management of tags enables users to add, remove, rename, and monitor the usage of each tag within one simple interface.

Jon Bellard, Prism Product Manager, said: “Prism’s Daily Exploit Detection really rounds off our aim this year to provide our clients with as much relevant and actionable data to assist in their remediation decision making. This feature enables our clients’ threat data to work harder for them and moves them away from the point-in-time reporting that is still so often the default in the industry. Prism is now providing clients with features to assist in moving to a more continuous testing model, which is becoming the accepted testing model for information security.”

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