New Features

  • Daily Exploit Detection

    – Issues are now checked for vulnerabilities via Exploit DB and Zero Day Initiative on a daily basis and alerted to you through an in-platform notification and email. Never miss a publicly available exploit again.

  • Ransomware Resilience Assessment – A new project type has been added to Prism, enabling clients to visualise their current score and rating and, therefore, their resilience against a ransomware attack.
  • Tag Management – New page to manage the tags you have created within Prism. Users are able to Add, Remove and Rename tags within a tenant. Also you can see the levels of usage for each tag.

Platform Improvements

  • Results – Issues Page – On viewing the Issues page you can now see the remediation date against remediated issues.

  • Main Dashboard – On the main dashboard you can now click on the remediated issues chart to be sent to the issues page, filtered by that remediated status.

  • Dynamic Remediation – We have added further context to the reason why Prism has come to the decision to potentially dynamically remediate issues. The user can also select which issues they wish to remediate or not.

  • Email Updates – Instead of getting updated based on individual Critical and High vulnerabilities you will now get a bulk email based on the project.

  • Select All – Certain ‘select’ dropdowns now have the option to select and deselect all items.