Prism Platform now integrates with single sign-on (SSO) solutions Okta and Azure AD to make access management seamless.

Once the integration is set up, teams can make changes to their users’ settings, such as granting or revoking access to Prism, within their own infrastructures.

The platform will then reflect those changes without requiring a user to update any settings within the platform itself.

By enabling teams to manage their users centrally, Prism integrates with an organization’s pre-existing processes and makes it easy to ensure the platform is secured at all times.


SSO will be particularly beneficial for Prism’s enterprise clients, who have large headcounts, and can experience a high turnover of staff on a yearly, or even monthly basis.

Prism’s SSO integrations will launch this Thursday, 13th October as part of version 2.6.

Catch up on the other exciting features launching this week below:

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