Remote Penetration Testing

Rootshell Small Remote Penetration Testing Device

Client demand for more regular internal security testing has increased exponentially, to bridge the gap between annual penetration assessments. To facilitate this, Rootshell Security introduce our remote testing solution.

By maximising the advantages of remote access, we can provide a range of different testing types, including full internal penetration tests, bespoke applications, operating system (OS) build reviews, and internal vulnerability assessments.

Reduced On-Site Costs

Removes the required and associated costs for penetration testers to attend on-site to conduct testing.

Reduced Expenses

No hotel and other on-site expense bills as all testing is conducted remotely from the Rootshell SOC once the appliance is in place.

Faster Response

Rootshell can react quickly and mobilise testers at their earliest availability, without being restricted by travel or scheduling restrictions.


The appliance can be left in situ at your site for use at a later date, just power down and power up as and when required.

Minimum Required Support

No need for a resource from your organisation to chaperone our testers whilst on-site, leaving your team to focus on other pressing tasks at hand.

Quick Mobilisation

The appliance is sent to you pre-configured and ready to go.

Remote Penetration Testing Device

Our remote testing appliance, or jump box, is configured to meet your requirements, and is then shipped to your site in a ‘plug and play’ state, which can be powered up and connected quickly. It’s a straightforward and secure process.

When active, a secure connection from the appliance is maintained allowing the Rootshell Secure Operation Centre (SOC) analysts and penetration testing consultants to conduct full internal assessments as though they were on site.

Rootshell Large Remote Penetration Testing Device

Remote Penetration Testing Management

Continuous, secure monitoring of the device is managed by the SOC, who ensure the appliances are fully secured and locked down, allowing only Rootshell Security remote access for on-demand security assessments.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recommends that organisations continually test their security by complementing point-in-time assessments with regular automated testing methods. Our remote testing solution achieves this standard by providing more regular internal security testing, which plugs the gap between annual penetration assessments.

Remote Pen Testing Testing diagram

Our Remote Penetration Testing is Powered By Prism

Prism Platform is a vendor-agnostic vulnerability management solution that puts you at the centre of your IT security ecosystem. Consolidate assessment results, accelerate remediation from start to finish, and gain real-time insight into your ever-changing threat landscape.

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