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Gain transparency of your digital footprint and safeguard your organisation with strategic threat intelligence.

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What is Strategic Threat Intelligence?

Strategic threat intelligence is data that helps you protect your organisation from cyber-attacks. Data is gathered, processed, and analysed to provide you with actionable information that can enhance your security posture.

Our service focusses on the digital footprints of your organisation’s personnel. Senior personnel have elevated permissions and access to highly privileged information. If sensitive or controversial information were to be discovered, an attack could be launched on your organisation.

Rootshell Security’s Strategic Intelligence Investigations analyse digital footprints for any information that could be exploited by threat actors. We provide the strategic threat intelligence you need to safeguard your organisation.

Why is intelligence a threat?

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What are the benefits of strategic threat intelligence?

Strategic threat intelligence services provide your organisation with a number of critical advantages.

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What are the types of threat intelligence?

We harness open-source intelligence (OSINT) techniques to gather a range of threat intelligence for your investigation. This could include:

  • Financial background information
  • Personal web habits
  • Website affiliations (e.g. gambling sites)
  • Potentially controversial personal views
  • Negative mentions on social media
  • Leaked account credentials
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

How is strategic cyber threat intelligence carried out?

Your Strategic Threat Intelligence Investigation is carried out in the following process.

  1. Define scope and objectives: Our experienced team of investigators will work closely with you to define the scope and goals of your strategic cyber intelligence investigation. We can conduct investigations on board (c-level) personnel, senior personnel, or any other person of special interest or position.
  2. Intelligence-driven data collection: Using cutting-edge open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and techniques, we gather strategic cyber intelligence from the surface, deep, and dark web. This could include financial background information, personal web habits, social media activity, personal views, affiliations, leaked passwords, and a number of other data sources.
  3. Thorough processing and analysis: Once we have carried out a comprehensive strategic threat intelligence investigation, we analyse the data for possible threats and risks, including susceptibility to blackmail, the potential for reputational damage, and indicators of potential compromise (IOCs)
  4. Clear reporting: Our team of analysts will provide you with a report detailing our findings. We give you context and highlight how the data could be used by threat actors to compromise your organisation.


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Why Rootshell’s Strategic Threat Intelligence Investigations?

Our highly skilled and experienced team represent some of the best experts in cyber threat intelligence, including ex-military counter intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions about strategic threat intelligence

Strategic intelligence informs and drives the formulation of security strategy. It supports the planning of policy and procedures.

Tactical threat intelligence looks at the here-and-now. For example, it provides insights on threat actor tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), such as typo-squatting. Find out more about our tactical cyber threat intelligence services.

Strategic threat intelligence is future-facing and helps create strategy, whereas tactical threat intelligence deals with present scenarios to help organisations take timely actions.

A threat actor can use intelligence to threaten your organisation in a number of ways. It can be used to blackmail personnel, cause reputational damage, or plan and launch a cyber attack, for example using leaked email addresses to conduct a phishing campaign.

Threat intelligence tools may be manual or automated to collect, process, and analyse data.

Threat intelligence gathers data that can help inform security strategy and mitigate risk.

Threat hunting looks for threat actors who may have gained a foothold on a network. It looks to gather the evidence needed to identify whether endpoints have been breached.

We conduct our Strategic Threat Intelligence Investigations by gathering a range of open source intelligence data sources from the surface, deep, and dark web. This could include financial background information, personal web habits, social media activity, personal views, affiliations, leaked passwords, and a number of other data sources.

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