Why Prism?


Why Prism?

Vulnerability Management Fit For Tomorrow’s Cyber Threats

As cyber threats become increasingly rampant and complex, IT security teams can’t afford to defend their organisations with outdated practices. Yet many global IT security teams still rely on slow remediation programmes, operate in silos, and lack essential insight.

Closing these gaps is what inspired us to build Prism Platform. We believe that by analysing different assessment results alongside each other, in a standardised format, teams can be empowered to make the best decisions for their organisations and stay ahead of attackers.

From this vision, Prism has grown into a powerful engine that fuels the remediation programmes of global organisations from start to finish; including enhancing collaboration, tracking critical assets, detecting exploits, and much more.

Fit for Tomorrows Cyber Threats
How Prism Works

Built for Modern, Global Teams

Prism Platform has been developed by experienced penetration testers, infosec experts, and IT security leaders to reimagine, transform, and modernize vulnerability management.

With industry experience that spans decades, we intimately understand the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to effectively managing remediation.

Prism Platform is our solution to the outdated processes that hold IT security teams back from addressing their critical issues fast. Not only does Prism eliminate the need for spreadsheets, PDFs, and manual processes; it makes it effortless for global teams to consolidate their threat landscapes and execute agile, streamlined, and data-driven remediation.

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Adopt Best Practice Vulnerability Management Processes

We have aligned Prism Platform with the Gartner® Vulnerability Management Cycle to ensure that best practice processes guide your remediation programmes.

In line with industry best practice, Prism Platform enables you to:

  • Consolidate your suppliers’ assessment data
  • Integrate and standardize your assessment data
  • Contextualize and prioritize your assessment data
  • Streamline your remediation workflow
  • Track and validate your remediation results
  • Visualize and analyse technical risk across the whole organization
VM Cycle Simplified
How Prism Works
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