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Enterprise Vulnerability Management Software

Prism Platform makes vulnerability management effortless. Consolidate results from any scanning tool or security provider, unlock powerful data insights, and make every remediation workflow faster and more efficient.

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Import any assessment results

Say goodbye to manually transferring data to spreadsheets. Prism is your hub for storing results from any scanning service, penetration testing vendor, or security service provider. Simply import your files to generate a dynamic and consistent database for all your results.

Upload results from a range of file types to generate one consistent database for your vulnerabilities. Easily filter, search, and tag results.

Exchange files with testers, colleagues, and third parties using the Secure File Exchange (SFE).

Integrate Prism with your favourite ticketing systems, such as JIRA and ServiceNow.

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Manage your global security network with ease

Prism provides a central place to manage and collaborate with different teams and offices from around the world. Assign vulnerabilities to colleagues and track the status of remediation, integrate your favourite ticketing systems, and much more.

Track every step of your remediation process. Mark issues as remediated, flag false positives, and see at a glance how many critical vulnerabilities are outstanding.

Create accounts for colleagues and third parties. Assign vulnerabilities to them and track who’s taking ownership of what.

Add comments to issues and gain clarification from testers or updates from colleagues. Log paper trails against specific security vulnerabilities.

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Make smarter decisions and automate reporting

Prism turns static results into actionable insights, helping you get answers to questions like: ‘what are my biggest risks?’ and ‘where is my budget best spent?’. Gain insight into the status of your global security posture and take the legwork out of reporting with Prism’s dashboards.

Automate reporting and gain instant insight into how many vulnerabilities have been remediated, trending data of your security posture, and more.

Testers can upload issues in real time and notify you as soon as critical issues are added.

Set and measure your service level agreements (SLAs) for remediation. Track critical issues and be told when issues are non-compliant.

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Join the global teams who are accelerating remediation with Prism

“Prism Platform has given us a new level of visibility of our remediation efforts. As well as integrating our global network of security teams, it has simplified, and even removed, otherwise time-consuming processes.”

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Why Choose Prism for Enterprise Vulnerability Management?

Drive down time-to-remediate. Prism Platform is designed to make every aspect of enterprise vulnerability management faster and more efficient. From eliminating manual data handling to ensuring ease of collaboration, Prism helps you fix critical issues faster.

Vendor agnostic. Our vendor agnostic enterprise vulnerability management software enables you to gain a centralised view of your global security network. Add results from any scanning tool or penetration testing vendor in just a few clicks.

Designed for global enterprises. We’ve built our enterprise vulnerability management software in line with feedback from our world-leading enterprise clients, ensuring it ticks all the right boxes to make vulnerability management effortless.

Ready to Transform Your Vulnerability Management Programme?

Prism Platform is a vendor-agnostic vulnerability management solution that puts you at the centre of your IT security ecosystem. Consolidate assessment results, accelerate remediation from start to finish, and gain real-time insight into your ever-changing threat landscape. Learn more about Threat and Vulnerability Management.

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