Today, we’re excited to announce the latest release of the Rootshell Prism Platform (version 1.5), including the integration of Managed Vulnerability Scanning and a fresh new user interface.

By integrating Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS), our clients can now harness the platform’s powerful features to address issues discovered by vulnerability scans faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Our vendor-agnostic platform provides clients with a central place to consolidate test results from your penetration testing providers. Clients can now retrieve results from active and past vulnerability scans in just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual data handling.

The platform’s new homepage dashboard is like ‘Mission Control for your threat data, turning results into actionable stats and reports, including how many issues are outstanding or have been remediated. Testers can upload results to a live feed, enabling clients to take action the moment critical vulnerabilities are found.

Prism Platform Preview Image 1 e1613668068851

Integrating MVS with penetration testing is not only more convenient for remediation management; it provides clients with greater awareness of their security posture as a whole, rather than interpreting results in silos.

The latest release also enables clients to upload data to the platform from their own spreadsheets, allowing them to create and manage their own remediation projects with results from any vendor.

Prism Platform’s new updates take us another step closer to our vision of an ‘any tool, any vendor’ platform for threat services. We look forward to further enhancing our clients situational awareness as the development team continues to add new features, said Shaun Peapell, Rootshell Security’s Vice President of Threat Services.

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