We’re excited to announce that Orange Cyberdefense have adopted Prism Platform to streamline the delivery of their penetration testing services, turning previously static report data into dynamic results that are timely, actionable, and relevant.

Prism is a vendor neutral platform that consolidates penetration test results from any supplier, with vulnerability scanning data. Users can assign remediation tasks and assets to individuals and teams for fixing, streamline remediation workflows, set and track remediation SLAs, and more.

With Prism, users can easily run reports on their vulnerability data for analysis, and now, dynamic results make both the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities a more intuitive experience.

Orange Image

James Hinton, Head of Pentesting at Orange Cyberdefense said:

“We have seen dramatic time savings across our project management and testing teams.

The ability to add dynamic flowcharts and videos to the platform allows us to clearly demonstrate how issues have been identified, making our customers’ vulnerability remediation processes far easier to understand and address.

This has improved the way we deliver our red team assessments to customers, allowing them to benefit from significantly improved visibility across their penetration testing engagements with us.

Implementing the solution has revolutionised the way we deliver reporting to customers.”

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