Today marks the release of Prism Platform 1.7. The platform now offers seamless integrations with major ticketing systems JIRA and ServiceNow, and new collaboration features that simplify the delegation and tracking of your team’s remediation efforts.

Assign Issues to Users within Prism Platform

Prism Platform provides a centralised place for managing issues discovered by any penetration testing vendor or Managed Vulnerability Scanning (MVS) service. Now, you can assign issues to specific users, such as colleagues or third parties, to easily keep track of who’s taking ownership of what.

The ability to delegate remediation within Prism builds on the platform’s array of useful collaboration features. You can comment on issues to get clarification from testers or remediation updates from colleagues, and the platform provides a secure location for clients, testers, and third parties to exchange information and work together to fix issues.

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Integrate your Favourite Ticketing System

Prism Platform now integrates with ticketing systems JIRA and ServiceNow to streamline remediation workflows and fit in seamlessly with existing processes. You can raise tickets for JIRA or ServiceNow straight from Prism Platform, making it effortless to delegate specific issues to colleagues and track the status of remediation.

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The bidirectional integrations ensure that the latest statuses of issues are always available; once issues are closed in the ticketing systems, Prism Platform automatically marks them as remediated.

Jon Bellard, Prism Product Manager, said: “Prism Platform’s new integrations and collaboration features will further enhance the platform’s ability to serve as ‘mission control’ for global security teams. And these fantastic updates are just the beginning – the platform has an extremely exciting year ahead.”

Launched just last year, Prism Platform is already transforming the remediation processes of global enterprises. The platform’s ability to consolidate results from any penetration testing vendor is proving invaluable to IT security teams, eliminating the need for manual data handling, streamlining workflows, increasing situational awareness, and more.

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