We’re excited to announce the launch of the Rootshell Prism Platform. Our all-in-one platform for visualising, managing, and remediating cyber security vulnerabilities is now live for beta-testing.

Over the six months of development work, added to decades of experience in the leadership team helping IT security teams understand and address their vulnerabilities, the Rootshell team has developed a secure platform that optimises the remediation process. Such an impressive feat from our development team in such a short space of time, deserves a short video to honour it.



Prism Platform consolidates your testing, assessment, scanning, and intelligence services into a single platform. Among its many features, you can see real-time updates from tests, create accounts for colleagues and third parties, add reports from other vendors, and comment on issues for feedback, to help you remediate issues faster than ever before.

It’s exciting to have the platform officially live, beginning our beta-testing programme. We look forward to sharing our clients’ feedback in due course, and we thank those clients who have worked with us during the alpha testing to ensure Prism is engineered for IT security teams, by IT security teams, said Sales Director, Andy Forbes.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be showcasing all the ways Prism Platform benefits your organisation’s remediation process. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find out more.