Today’s release of Prism Platform (version 1.12) features a new and improved dashboard, dynamic remediation for Vulnerability Scanning (VS), as well as integrations that enrich users’ threat data.

The New Dashboard

Prism Platform’s dashboard is now more interactive and intuitive than ever. As well as a new look and feel, it features new insights, including a snapshot of how many issues are exploitable, and makes it effortless for security teams to adopt a data-driven approach to their remediation processes.

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Below are just some of the new dashboard’s highlights:

  • Users can filter their data more efficiently and see more trending information across their digital estates.
  • The dashboard’s source data is platform-wide, with the option to focus on different service types or tags.
  • Users can track the remediation rate versus open issues on a month-by-month basis, highlighting the progress of users’ remediation efforts over time.

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  • The number of issues that are exploitable is front-and-centre.
  • Users are provided with a personalised area to view and manage issues that have been assigned to them within the platform, making it easy to track workload.

new dash 8

Dynamic Remediation for Vulnerability Scanning

Dynamic remediation can now be enabled for VS. The platform will compare the last and latest scans recorded in Prism and highlight the differences to the user, before dynamically remediating issues that are no longer present.

This will be particularly beneficial to users with large digital estates and enables users to continue driving down time-to-remediate.

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More Insightful and Contextualised Data

The platform now integrates with Exploit-DB and NVD.

The Exploit-DB integration informs users of any known exploits for their issues, which helps to ensure the most effective prioritisation of issues for remediation. The NVD integration automatically provides references to the NVD resource to enrich users’ threat data with useful information.

Both integrations help users gain greater context and a deeper understanding of their issues and the risk they may pose.

Jon Bellard, Product Manager, said: “This is one of the best updates we have made to Prism. The visuals are great and the data-first approach to the dashboard will help our clients immeasurably. The Vulnerability Scanning Dynamic Remediation feature is another fantastic addition to the platform that will have a significant impact on reducing a client’s time-to-remediate.”

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