Launching on Thursday, 13th October, Prism Platform (version 2.6) will be one of our most feature-packed updates yet.

Over the coming weeks, we will highlight some of the most exciting new features, starting with Global Search.

Global Search puts a user’s entire vulnerability database at their fingertips.

The new functionality enables users to search for Projects, Phases, Scans, Assets, Issues, and Questionnaires from one search bar.

Users will also be able to search by an issue’s unique number, making it even quicker to locate a specific vulnerability within an estate.

global search 2


Global Search will be especially powerful in instances where teams need to quickly evaluate the potential impact of a new critical vulnerability, as many organizations experienced last year with Log4j.

By empowering teams with greater control of their vulnerability data, Global Search is yet another way Prism facilitates fast remediation. The platform has already proven highly effective at driving down mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR), reducing it by 68% for critical issues, and 48% for exploitable issues.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how Prism can benefit you, and follow us for more information about Prism Platform (version 2.6).