Prism provides extended context to your vulnerability management programmes with the Compliance Dashboard.

The dashboard provides insights into how your programme aligns to remediation SLAs, vulnerability age, priority asset information, and the most commonly reported issues.

If you have utilised the asset management module and aligned service/technical owners to your assets, you are able to track their progress through a dynamic leader board charting outstanding issues and remediated issues.

update compliance 1

Starting with the top most graphics, Prism provides you with a visual representation of the age of issues within your instance. You are able to filter the issue severity by clicking the chart legend, so as to track more closely how these critical issues stack up within your threat data.

update compliance 2

To the right of this chart sits the SLA compliance metric. This visual gives you an at-a-glance view of the progress of your issues being remediated on time, with a comparison of compliant and non-compliant issues. More importantly, this is where Prism can start to calculate your MTTR (Mean Time To Remediate). This signals to you whether those targets you set when setting up your SLA for remediation is in fact being hit.

compliance dash 2 2.0

You can also view a trending graph showing your MTTR over time.

compliance dash 2.0

Below these charts is a breakdown of your Priority Assets, utilising the asset management module within Prism, to provide a clear and consistent view of your most critical assets and what, if any, issues reside.

As part of this view, Prism is able to provide you with a list of the most commonly reported issues across the platform. This is especially useful when trying to identify recurring issues or any problems within your development or third party lifecycles.

update compliance 3

Finally, within the right hand pane, Prism tracks the number of issues that are assigned to your asset System Owner’s and Technical Owners. This provides you with a view to assist you in following up with the relevant team members to chase remediation.

update compliance 4