Measuring the time it takes to remediate issues is an essential part of remediation management. That’s why reducing time-to-remediate (TTR) is the focus of Prism Platform’s latest release (version 1.9), which goes live today.

You can now set service level agreements (SLAs) within Prism Platform to measure your team’s remediation efforts against your targets. You can easily track key metrics, such as how long it takes to remediate critical issues, and the platform notifies you of any issues that are non-compliant.

By measuring TTR, Prism gives you the insight needed to evaluate your team’s performance, resolve any bottlenecks, optimise your processes, and reduce the time it takes to fix issues.

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Setting SLAs works hand-in-hand with the range of features designed to reduce your time-to-remediate. The ability to filter and search issues by risk-level enables you to review your SLAs in the context of criticality, helping you prioritise critical issues. You can also assign issues to colleagues straight from the platform, integrate your favourite ticketing systems, track the status of issues, receive live alerts from tests, and much more.

Prism Platform 1.9 also introduces third-party reporting capabilities through our Prism Plus+ enablement service, making it effortless to manage multiple security vendors. You can onboard multiple vendors, assign projects to them, generate customised PDF reports, and vendors can mark tests as complete to send live updates.

Jon Bellard, Prism Platform’s Product Manager said: “By tracking SLAs, Prism provides powerful insights to help users fix critical issues faster. It’s yet another way Prism empowers our clients to gain greater visibility and control of their Threat Universe, and there’s still much more to come.”

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