New Features

  • New Compliance Dashboard – Prism now provides extended context to your vulnerability management programmes with the inclusion of our compliance focused dashboard. For those clients with a Prism license, this dashboard provides insights into how your programme aligns to remediation SLAs, vulnerability age, priority asset information and the most commonly reported issues. Also for those clients that have utilised the asset management module and aligned service/technical owners to your assets, you are able to track their progress through a dynamic leaderboard charting outstanding issues and remediated issues.

  • New Calendar View – Prism now has a built in Calendar to view your testing activity on a month-by-month basis. Not only that, you are able to create email reminders within the calendar and Prism will send the recipients an email with the content of your choice!

  • Email Reminder System – Prism is now able to send you scan reminders and project reminders. This is very useful when planning a Penetration Test in the future. Prism can remind you just before the anniversary to start the scoping and scheduling process.

Platform Improvements

  • Tabular Risk Ratings – A bit of colour has been added to those tables that contain risk rating metrics.

  • Asset Management – Changing the name of an asset within the Assets area will propagate down to phase/scan level issue views.

  • Asset Management – Users can now bulk assign System and Technical owners to their assets.

  • Asset Management – System and Technical owner filters have been added.

  • Asset Management – Users can now filter their assets and download issues from the Assets page to a spreadsheet.

  • WYSIWYG Editor – Now includes browser native spell-check and image editing support.

  • Issue Reporting – Videos can now be uploaded and used when reporting issues to clients.