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Prism is a vendor-agnostic platform to automate the management of penetration testing results, threat intelligence services, phishing assessment data, and traditional vulnerability assessments; allowing you to view your threat landscape and manage remediation within a single pane of glass.

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Using trending data to get a holistic view of your organisation’s security posture, by seeing if you’re susceptible to any threats and able to remediate them, while watching your security posture improve.
All results are stored in a central, easily-retrievable location, meaning no more emailing back and forth or trying to remember where you saved the report.
You can easily search and filter the data by phase, issue or asset, saving you from hunting through numerous PDF reports.

Our security consultants will upload test results directly to the platform, allowing you to see real-time updates from penetration tests as they are added, with the ability to comment on issues for feedback.

Create accounts for colleagues and assign issues to them from within the platform, manage and track progress by severity against agreed timescales.
We integrate market-leading tools into our platform, are willing to add reports from other providers, all to ensure you have the complete picture of your vulnerabilities in one place.

Consolidate Your Threat Services, from any Tool or Vendor, into a Single Platform

The Rootshell Prism Platform unifies all reporting, by offering a centralised place for you to keep track of the results from various services and projects you have employed. This includes the ability to add penetration test results from other organisations, enabling you to keep all current and past results in one place.

Dashboards and reports will display the results and statistics from each assessment and service, as well as an executive summary offering an overview of findings. This maximises the usefulness and actionability of the results, allowing you to protect your organisation from cyber threats and attacks.

Continuous Penetration Testing

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Phishing Assessments

Red Team as a Service

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Easily Accessible, Meaningful Data

The easy-to-use reporting features allow you to get to the data you need in several ways. Whether you’re a project manager just looking for results from a recent engagement, a developer who wants to find all outstanding critical issues, or a system admin wanting to find all issues affecting your asset, the Prism Platform allows you to carve-up the results in ways that makes sense to you.

You can slice and dice your data with the ability to add multiple tags to an asset to make it easier to filter and report on, for example labelling an asset or endpoint with user-friendly names, for example: IT Dept, Business Unit X, Web Servers, Business Critical Devices, Geographical Location etc; making it easier to find the data you need.

Streamline engagement with testers and security consultants

Our security consultants will upload test results directly to the Rootshell Prism Platform, allowing you to see issues added in real-time, so you can watch as engagements progress. The platform also offers real-time administrative tracking, where you can track your testing status to see whether a testing phase has begun, been delivered, or a subsequent engagement has been scoped or proposed, and there is a Statement of Work or proposal available. It also allows you to track remediation efforts in tandem with your team, and allowing you to mark them as fixed or highlight for retesting.

Continuous Penetration Testing Services

A lot can happen between annual penetration testing services. A continuous penetration testing solution can help you uphold your security posture year-round. Rootshell’s Continuous Penetration Testing service continuously tests your networks and alerts you of any possible security vulnerabilities.

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